Sunday, January 10, 2016

Inspiration for the new year

To heck with the diet!  ICDC's cure for the new year's blues is to skip yourself and get right to improving where you live.  No need to go for broke; use what you already have.  Just add some new pizazz.

ICDC turned to local expert designer Camille Saum, known for her "Spring Spruce Ups," to ask for a little advice about where to start and a sneak peak at some of her latest work.

1.  The Dining Room

You may be fĂȘte-ed out for now, but a drop-dead navy-with-hints-of-gold-hued dining room would turn anyone's frown upside down.  Those leather chairs!  And lapis and buttercup taffeta draperies..!

2.  The Kitchen

Nothing's better than high-gloss cabinets.  You don't have to get new ones.  Just sand the old ones slightly and add a clear varnish.  And think about adding a backsplash like Tranquil Trapezoid Midday Aubergine below.

3.  The Bathroom

Need a little pick-me-up in the bathroom?  Camille has a trick up her sleeve: go broke for pattern, but keep it in muted tones.  She's a fan of mural tiles like the show-stopping Clermont Noir Blanco or the Netherland District Dark Circle Glass and Resin Tile.  Or try a metallic wallcovering to brighten up a bathroom.
4.  Only a few pennies to spare? 
Try updating a bookshelf wall with a painted stencil in a vibrant plaid (like the one designed by Camille Saum Associate Designer Whitney Hansen).

 Images via Camille Saum Interior Design, LLC.