Monday, April 13, 2015

one nest project & greenspur

ICDC was scrolling through Airbnb recently looking for country houses in northern Virginia.  Just in case a weekend away from the city is needed in the dead of summer.

Most houses are either extremely expensive and could host 20 people or terrible shacks.  Nearly bored and about to close the app, ICDC happened across the gorgeous place below.  Intrigued, ICDC did a little digging.  The story behind this striking home, and the company run by its owner, sparked a massive online hunt to know more.


Called "One Nest", this vacation home in Delaplane is only 1000 square feet.  It's essentially a proof-of-concept and the brainchild of Mark Turner, owner and founder of Greenspur - a real estate development group that is rethinking how we use space and materials to construct homes in a shorter timeline, all while respecting the environment.  The idea was to build a home in 100 days for $150,000.  As you can see, Turner was successful. 

The use of space is extremely efficient: it has 2.5 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms.  ICDC's last apartment was that size and one bedroom/one bath seemed small.  This seems huge!  There's also a kitchen, dining area, living area, home office, wine cellar and deck (with firepit).  It's light on cement, and has no drywall or foundation. 

Wait.  No foundation??  Instead of the typical, dug-out concrete model, Turner used a steel chassis that won't rot or burn and magnesium oxide replaces drywall (according to Turner, this is an ancient substance used in the mortar of the Great Wall of China and the Terracotta Army).

Wood inside the house is reclaimed from an old smokehouse (the smoked wood providing natural protection against bugs).  The house also has no ductwork (saving space) and making the heat and cooling more efficient with wall units (and cost effective: only $42 a month!).

ICDC is going to keep her eye on Greenspur.  Stunningly innovative and exciting!

This post kicks off a series on sustainable design and decorating with the natural environment.  Stay tuned!

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