Thursday, April 9, 2015

do you know wisteria?

Because if you don't, you should.

ICDC doesn't usually get too excited about design catalogs.  (In fact, she keeps trying to unsubscribe..without success!)  Usually the options are too planned, too mass-market and without much character.

That all changed when this piece of magic arrived in the mailbox.

Over the years, Wisteria offerings have intrigued ICDC.  A beautiful Moorish chest, comfortable but chic looking linen-clad sofas, an etagere that wasn't boring.

But Wisteria has knocked it out of the park this year.  And it wasn't just the lush green malachite wall hangings (or Agate ones) that sucked ICDC in.

It was the cobalt blue Chinese Chippendale chairs, the Pagoda mirror, the Acrylic Wall Brackets and Leaning Bookshelf and Ghost Pedestal and X-Base Stool, the Faux Bois Mirror, the Ikat Pillows, the Graphic Pillows, the Hemicycle Nailhead Side Table, the Laurel Leaf Mirror, the Wheel-y Useful Basket, the Smart and Sleek Stools, the Cinema Lounge Chairs, the Elegant Etagere, and the Colonial Column Side Table. The list goes on.  ICDC is keeping a copy of this catalog for inspiration..and just in case a furniture need arises!

Also wonderful is that the Dallas-based Wisteria story is adorable.  Andrew and Shannon - the creative team and owners behind the company - call their style "updated traditional with a twist".  They blend the "best designs that have stood the test of time..with the latest styles, and then [add] a fun eclectic item that rounds it out."  They say "if that means combining a wonderful old wooden chest you inherited from your grandmother with an acrylic pedestal you just purchased and a framed drawing your five-year-old made, then that's it!"  Heaven.

And no, Wisteria did not compensate ICDC for this post.  It was pure design excitement that inspired it!

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