Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Masculine and Feminine

It's hard to design a space that isn't totally masculine or totally feminine.  But that blend becomes important, especially if you live with someone or in marriage.  Compromise is everything..

How to decorate your home with another person, particularly of the opposite sex?  The apartment below, featured in Lonny, leans toward the masculine because of its dark woods and the absence of window coverings.  But through a combination of lighter colors, intriguing finishes, interesting sconces and velvet upholstery, this design provides a woman's touch in what would otherwise be a very strong scheme. 

The gilt mirror in the guest bathroom and mint tufted kitchen banquette are perfect examples of this kind of masculine/feminine juxtaposition.  And the zig-zag pattern used throughout is decidedly not masculine.  Little flares of personality like those can really make a difference. 



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