Sunday, November 30, 2014

Marcel's Makeover

Marcel's might be ICDC's favorite restaurant.  It's an old standby because the food is always delicious and you can ask Head Chef Weidmaier to make a special dish or use a favorite ingredient (like Langoustine!), and he's pleased to do so.  And what chef do you know (who isn't a tattooed hipster) who rides a Harley??  Plus the wine list is spectacular (all 21 pages!).

Those of us who have been long-time devotees remember the old Marcels..which included faux ivy..  Let's just say it was the food that kept us going back.

It's a hard racket the restaurant biz, so it's a treat when a great one reinvests in its d├ęcor.  Subtle creams and golds with a touch of ICDC's favorite red is soothing and elegant.  Now a trip to Marcel's before the symphony or just as a special treat is a full experience in luxury.


Photos by R. Lopez

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