Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"The Way I See It"

Out today, Markham Roberts' new book out from Vendome Press is a like a muse.  The cover details a room with mirror-outlined bookshelves (what a fantastic idea..a little sparkle is all you need!), tiger velvet upholstered chairs, agate sconces, and a New Yorker magazine (nice touch!).  That's a place of wonderment.

Senga Mortimer in her introduction calls him precocious.  He's like the El Greco of the interior design world: way ahead of his time.

Opening the cover, you step quickly into his office, which hosts a horn leather-top desk that looks out onto Madison Avenue.  And the conference table is faux python (see a glimpse of it below).

Moving through the book, you notice that Roberts can do ultra traditional like his project at Lake Agawam, but his major successes are contemporary with hints of old.  Like faux tortoiseshell mirrors and coffee tables.  (Note: ICDC's birthday is around the corner..anyone with a little extra tortoiseshell on their hands is welcome to give their pieces to me...!)

And then there is the iconic New York penthouse swathed in navy that ICDC has always kept tear sheets of, before knowing it was a Roberts special.

All of the above is just part of the "Background" section.  Can you imagine what's next?  

Like the page with grasscloth, linen, painted plaster, and wool felt walls.  Or the countless amazing wallpapers he uses - like diagonal stripes on grasscloth.  This designer takes risks.  And they pay off.

But you don't have to take ICDC's word for it..

Pick up your copy today, and spend the next month perusing with joy.  You'll need it to soak in all the creativity..

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