Tuesday, January 14, 2014

dreamy townhouse

This month's House Beautiful is candy for the eyes!  Miles Redd's feature is delicious.  And it's always a treat to see the work of Steven Gambrel.

His Lincoln Park Townhouse in Chicago is stunning.  Words escape..

The grand entry and staircase instantly reminded ICDC of the gorgeous Arts Club in London:

The art and color scheme Gambrel used was bold yet refined: a turquoise library, a purple living room, a yellow sitting room, a red reading nook..and a fireplace in the kitchen?!  This home is astonishingly beautiful.  Who doesn't want to sip coffee and eat a croissant..in front of a cozy fire??  That would certainly make ICDC's mornings better.  That and a butler to make and deliver the coffee..

images via www.housebeautiful.com

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