Sunday, November 30, 2014

Marcel's Makeover

Marcel's might be ICDC's favorite restaurant.  It's an old standby because the food is always delicious and you can ask Head Chef Weidmaier to make a special dish or use a favorite ingredient (like Langoustine!), and he's pleased to do so.  And what chef do you know (who isn't a tattooed hipster) who rides a Harley??  Plus the wine list is spectacular (all 21 pages!).

Those of us who have been long-time devotees remember the old Marcels..which included faux ivy..  Let's just say it was the food that kept us going back.

It's a hard racket the restaurant biz, so it's a treat when a great one reinvests in its d├ęcor.  Subtle creams and golds with a touch of ICDC's favorite red is soothing and elegant.  Now a trip to Marcel's before the symphony or just as a special treat is a full experience in luxury.


Photos by R. Lopez

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Water Street

ICDC's been caught red-handed Zillowing again!  After having brunch recently with a friend who asked about homes near the water, it got ICDC thinking..

..and searching the interwebs..

..until she found this beauty at 3303 Water Street NW.  If only she had a cool $3 million under the mattress.  Yowzers!  Look at all that light..  And a perfect jogging trail right at your fingertips..



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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Dinder House


In Somerset, there is a great house called Dinder.  Painstakingly refurbished and modernized in 2004, this "House" - complete with gardens, grounds, coach house and 2 bedroom lodge - first attracted ICDC's attention because of its kitchen. 

That marble island on a herringbone wood floor is magical.  And the space throughout the home is almost unsettling.  



Here's a neat old image of the house ICDC found with a little cyber sleuthing..

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Fashion Friday

There's just something about the color oxblood that makes ICDC feel warm.  It's especially comforting as the days get cooler and nights come earlier.

Take a look at Olivia Palermo's luxurious monochromatic ensemble and how it can be transformed into a room.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Fashion Friday: Haute Couture Ateliers

Dear readers, Fashion Friday is back as requested!  Please accept ICDC's apologies for the gap in has been quite eventful lately.

What better way to jump back in than with a twist on the traditional book review: a Fashion Friday post using the most inspiring and breath-taking photo from the new book Haute Couture Ateliers

Just released this week, the book reminds us that fashion is far from simple.  In fact, it takes great skill and labor to produce this form of art.

Like a reference book, Haute Couture Ateliers is meant to be reviewed regularly for inspiration.  The fabrics, the accessories, the lines - especially all the mesmerizing mermaid-cut dresses and structured "armor" styles - are energizing.

Each time ICDC picks up her copy, she makes new connections between fashion and the world of interiors.  Like ideas about how to make draperies a little more interesting.  Or ideas about what fabrics can coordinate well with others and still cause that gasp of amazement that can come only from a truly stunning couture dress.  And remembering that well-fitting fabrics really do make a difference.

What struck ICDC perhaps the most were the structural innovations in fabrics and shapes.  One particular page shows a furrier cutting a design into what looks to be a perfectly beautiful (and already finished, I might add) fur vest.  But once the new cuts are made, the piece is transformed.

It's all in the details..

So here's a captivating photo of a Stephane Rolland masterpiece featured in the book, and how one might translate it into an interior.  Enjoy!

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"The Way I See It"

Out today, Markham Roberts' new book out from Vendome Press is a like a muse.  The cover details a room with mirror-outlined bookshelves (what a fantastic idea..a little sparkle is all you need!), tiger velvet upholstered chairs, agate sconces, and a New Yorker magazine (nice touch!).  That's a place of wonderment.

Senga Mortimer in her introduction calls him precocious.  He's like the El Greco of the interior design world: way ahead of his time.

Opening the cover, you step quickly into his office, which hosts a horn leather-top desk that looks out onto Madison Avenue.  And the conference table is faux python (see a glimpse of it below).

Moving through the book, you notice that Roberts can do ultra traditional like his project at Lake Agawam, but his major successes are contemporary with hints of old.  Like faux tortoiseshell mirrors and coffee tables.  (Note: ICDC's birthday is around the corner..anyone with a little extra tortoiseshell on their hands is welcome to give their pieces to me...!)

And then there is the iconic New York penthouse swathed in navy that ICDC has always kept tear sheets of, before knowing it was a Roberts special.

All of the above is just part of the "Background" section.  Can you imagine what's next?  

Like the page with grasscloth, linen, painted plaster, and wool felt walls.  Or the countless amazing wallpapers he uses - like diagonal stripes on grasscloth.  This designer takes risks.  And they pay off.

But you don't have to take ICDC's word for it..

Pick up your copy today, and spend the next month perusing with joy.  You'll need it to soak in all the creativity..

Friday, September 26, 2014

Farrow & Ball

Hear ye, hear ye, exciting news to share!

Our fair District is now the proud host of a Farrow and Ball storefront - where everyone from designers to the creative public can purchase cans of gorgeous non-VOC paint (hooray!) and hand-blocked wallpaper from Dorset.

ICDC stopped by the opening shindig last week, and the small store (conveniently next door to The Kellogg Collection), was packed to the gills with cheery supporters.  New wallpaper patterns were on display, which ICDC spent lots of time perusing and dreaming about future orders..

Not to miss was the wall of paint samples - all with perfectly English humor names.  ICDC's favorite?  Dead Salmon, a lovely shade of pale mauve.  Or Elephant's Breath, a - you guessed it - gray.

Want to see F&B in action?  Here's a little taste:

(Sadly, no, that's not our Washington shop..)

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