Sunday, September 15, 2013


In a word, ICDC is smitten with the new book about Tom Scheerer by Mimi Read, with photographs by Francesco Lagnese. 

ICDC squeeled (audibly) when she opened the package from Vendome Books with Tom Scheerer Decorates inside.  And what was that peeking out from beneath the jacket cover?  Printed CANE?

So, who is Tom Scheerer? 

Read's description of Scheerer in the book's introduction is cunning:

Meet Tom Scheerer.  He's 6'2", with text-book Anglo-Saxon good looks: snapping blue eyes, fair skin, a high forehead, and thick gray hair that sticks up and flops over.  He's deftly, sometimes devastatingly verbal.   His cerebral authority explains the nickname that an astute friend gave him years ago: Thomas Aquinas.  He loves old houses, contemporary art, Japanese baskets, maps, pot-au-feu, table manners, pink dahlias, dinner parties, coconut trees, beach stones, outdoor showers, and soap on a rope.  He's self-deprecating, with aristocratic manners and a surprising grasp of street slang.  He frequents the housewares department of the Dior store in Paris and regularly drops by Cove Landing, a cabinet of wonders in upper Manhattan where he shops for antiques. In Miami recently, he pulled his rental car to a halt on teeming Biscayne Boulevard to buy an intricate banana-leaf basket from the indigent hippie who made it.  He still considers a trip to Ikea one of the sacraments...

Part artist, part crusty curmudgeon, and part solicitous alpha dog and family man, Sheerer has fast, blazingly confident opinions about anything to do with a house (and also the rest of life).  If he likes some object or implement, exorbitant or humble, he's faithful to it for decades.  He's capable of falling in love with a person, but also a coffee pot..Scheerer's decorating looks a great deal like him.  It's tall and commanding but often quiet.  It's smart, correct, breezy, chic, well-edited - and just a touch eccentric.  It balances refinement with all-American ease.

Collected, not decorated is Scheerer's brand.  Just enough knick knacks to be interesting and tell a story, but not so minimalist that you can still understand the client's personality.

And he's capable of a wide range of designs - from chinoiserie chic to comfortable casual.

Oh, and he has an affinity for bamboo wallpaper, which ICDC adores..

Does Scheerer's style speak to you?  Pick up a copy today.  It will inspire you for years to come.

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