Thursday, September 19, 2013

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Anytime a District designer is featured in a national shelter magazine, ICDC jumps for joy.  In the October issue, Elle Decor interviewed our city's own Nestor Santa-Cruz - along with another of ICDC's favorite designers, Charlotte Moss - for its regular piece on "The Top Ten." 

This month, the duo (which changes each issue), decided to give readers a glimpse at their top ten unique dressing tables: 

The mere mention of dressing tables may bring to mind images of early Hollywood starlets checking their hair and makeup, but these highly functional pieces have been around far longer than that. The specialized table, usually featuring drawers and sometimes a mirror, first appeared in 17th-century France before catching on with English and American cabinetmakers. Today, dressing tables come in an array of shapes, sizes, and materials—and small consoles and desks can also often fit the role.

"My first dressing table was a kidney-shaped number my grandmother gave me," says Charlotte Moss. "It was terribly chic." She uses her current one not only to apply makeup, she says, but also "to display jewelry and personal items."

Nestor Santa-Cruz admires the compact furnishing for its versatility. "I like the idea of a dressing table that could be moved through the house and used as a desk or even a dining table," he says. "It could become your most important piece."

Here are ICDC's favorites from the recommendations of  one of DC's most chic designers:




Recently, ICDC has noticed a welcome trend in shelter mags: they've realized that not all readers can afford multi-thousand dollar pieces. So they've started to add in less expensive and more mainstream retail pieces. In this article, a CB2 piece is featured. It's fantastic!

Where to find dressing tables in our very own town?  Here are a few places ICDC has noticed chic dressing tables:

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