Friday, July 26, 2013

the US Botanical garden

Recently, ICDC stopped by the US Botanical Garden with her sister, a naturalist who served as a fantastic guide to interpret all those latin plant names and point out interesting plants, succulents and trees that the lay person might otherwise miss.

It's a jungle in there!  The conservatory gardens are divided into sections, with the largest, main section dedicated to rainforest species that reach the height of the building.  Stairs on either side allow visitors to walk up to the top, alongside the tallest trees you never knew you'd see in Washington, interspersed with the most breathtaking orchids, air plants and unbelievably shaped leaves.


Then there's the impressive outdoor rose and bonsai gardens with trellis tunnels..

With the glorious weather we've been gifted today, take the opportunity to stop by the gardens and conservatory.  You'll be amazed!

US Botanical Garden
100 Maryland Ave SW
Open daily (weekends too!) from 10am to 5pm

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