Sunday, June 2, 2013

why don't you..camouflage rug stains by creating a new pattern!

It was a sad day when Ali Wentworth - a native Washingtonian - left the District.

A force of nature, Ali is inspiring, witty, brutally honest and intelligent.  And completely stylish. She's a comedian, author and actress (you may remember her from In Living Color and in Seinfeld's "soup Nazi" scene) and mother.  Famous in her own right, Wentworth also happens to be married to George Stephanopoulis, of ABC News.

Wentworth writes a series of hilarious columns for magazines, and one of ICDC's favorite stories was her account of delivering a thank you gift (a book) to former Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld at his sweatpants..which she threw over the gate because she couldn't leave it propped against it..and she was immediately surrounded by armed guards.

The Wentworth-Stephanopoulis home in Washington was based on gray and neutral colors, accented by pops of fuschia and orange, and anchored by a massive collection of important sea shells and marine fans.

That unique fuschia spiral-print rug in the living room was Ali's DIY - an attempt to "camouflage some stains" before a dinner party.  Wentworth bought a box of purple dye and "dribbled" it around.  It looks amazing!

When Stephanopoulis was transferred to New York to co-anchor Good Morning America, the family had to move.  (Wentworth claims she stayed in bed eating Milk Duds for days after hearing the news).  Because they were downsizing, it was the perfect opportunity to create a completely new space (enlisting the expert assistance of Michael Smith).

The new space is still based in grays and neutrals, but enjoys more patterns and red shades (and elegant de Gournay paper in the master bedroom).  There are also a great deal of important antique pieces, "grown-up" as Wentworth calls them.  It's always interesting to see how one family decorates two different homes!

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