Tuesday, May 7, 2013

design crush: soldad suarez de lezo

There must be something special about Madrid, because for some reason, ICDC just can't stop featuring homes there.

Maybe it is the mix of sophisticated and elegant - just enough to be beautiful but not trendy - that appeals to ICDC.  Kind of like our very own District: not totally hip and to-the-moment, but very, very chic.

So, without further ado, meet lawyer-turned-interior designer Soldad Suarez de Lezo.

Featured in one of Spain's hottest design magazines recently - Neuvo Estilo - de Lezo has decorated a home by choosing pieces that accent interesting architectural elements (a black and cream stone floor, stunning crown molding, gorgeous archways, a herringbone light wood floor..) but that can also stand alone (a pair of giant starburst mirrors, a sputnik chandelier, antelope and cow horns, a geometric tiled bathroom, a zebra rug and bursts of lush blue and yellow fabrics).


images via www.neuvo-estilo.es

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