Thursday, April 18, 2013

on set: scandal

Whether or not you are as devoted a follower of ABC's Scandal - a political drama/thriller set in the District -as ICDC is, you must at least appreciate the fantastic set design, architecture and wardrobe.

Olivia Pope & Associates office:

Olivia Pope's conference table is amazing.
It exudes style and power.

Olivia Pope's apartment:
Where does ICDC get a door like that?!

a cream-colored tight back sofa?  yes please!

black subway tile is bold and elegant

Olivia Pope's wardrobe
(elegant and mostly black, white and gray,
with an unbelievable collection of jackets):

Haven't seen Scandal yet?  Tune in tonight at 10pm on ABC.  It's a re-run so you can start to catch-up!

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