Tuesday, April 16, 2013

district of chic: andrea houck

Andrea Houck, of A. Houck Designs, is a district designer who "has always had an eye for details and a passion for design." At the age of four, Houck pointed out to her parents that her newly installed bedroom wallpaper was upside-down, a fact that the adults had not noticed! 

Houck is a professional member of the International Furnishings and Design Association. She has been published in Washington Spaces Magazine and The Washington Post. Andrea also won a 2007 Kitchen & Bath of the Year Award from Washington Spaces Magazine for her own kitchen.

She brings a refined but modern sensibility to a town we all know can too easily be stuck in old ways..

And this year, Houck took on the bar and main floor hall in the DC Design House.  She did a near-complete renovation, adding antiqued mirror, replacing the cabinetry and countertop, changing the chandelier and papering the walls in a glorious red embossed paper (which Houck noted was hung BEFORE the antique mirror was installed, so that the seam was flush - a really important design trick!).  

 Those clear glass shelves are lit with LED lights -
inside each shelf.  It's stunning.

Houck also decorated the hall between the kitchen and bar area with a custom console and "modern French"  style pieces such as the bench and patterned rug.

The result is beautiful - and blends well with nearby rooms.  A pleasant surprise, since color contrasts between rooms in design houses can often leave viewers with a headache..

images via www.ahouckdesigns.com and ICDC

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  1. Wow! What an eye this designer has! Fabulous work!