Tuesday, April 30, 2013

before and after: kitchen

Diana Vreeland called red the "great clarifier."  She said red is "bright and revealing..I can't imagine being bored with red.  It would be like becoming bored with the person you love!" 

She was right.

It's funny.  If you ask ICDC, even to this day, what her favorite color is, the answer you're likely to receive is blue.  Sometimes Kelly green.  But usually blue.

Interestingly enough, ICDC walked through her apartment the other day and found a theme of...red.

Red monogrammed Euro shams.

Red silk lampshades.

Red tape connecting the living room blinds.

Red zebra print throw pillows.

Red themed rugs.

Red chinoiserie lanterns.

So, it only makes sense that a transformation like the one below would end up, well, red.

When she moved in, ICDC's kitchen started out claustrophobic and cluttered.  With a little handywork, ICDC and her very own Mr. Big turned it into something slightly more appealing.  

After a great deal more effort, it's finally the kitchen ICDC always wanted (well as much as a one-wall kitchen in a small apartment could be!).

See the transformation for yourself!

Major changes: new appliances (thanks, Mom & Dad!), new floor, new hardware, new high-gloss paint job, removal of excess cabinets and countertops and a new wine cellar unit.  

Biggest improvement of all?  Getting rid of the top level cabinets that made you feel as if you could be  swallowed into a sinkhole while making dinner.  It's now much more open and light - and a pleasant place to be!  What's also fantastic is that the red differentiates the kitchen from the dining room next door.  

All together, the changes make the space distinguished and it feels SO MUCH BIGGER!  Hooray!  

What updates have you made to your own kitchen?  

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  1. It looks a lot warmer to me with the red; more inviting.