Monday, March 11, 2013

inspiring modern spaces

Finally getting around to her monthly shelter mag reading this weekend, ICDC came across the Nashville (Forest Hills) home of Jennifer & Billy Frist in the latest Architectural Digest.  It struck a chord.

The open, modern and bucolic feeling of the home was just overwhelming.  ICDC felt like she could move in and live happily here (Jennifer & Billy, are you accepting house guests?!).

It was also inspiring to learn that the owners worked side-by-side with their designer Ray Booth to pick every light fixture (they are amazing - especially the extraordinary lighting in the kitchen) and piece of furniture.  Renovation of this home - to enlarge windows (the living room is now like your own private nature preserve theater), raise ceilings and decorate - was a marathon of 18 months.  Well worth the wait, don't you think?


While dreaming about the Frist home, ICDC began searching for modern homes in the District with lots of light and space.  She came across this townhouse for rent on Florida Avenue:

It doesn't quite have the landscape of the Frist home to view through it's floor-to-ceiling windows, but what are you expecting if you live in a city?  The bamboo is a nice touch, and Rock Creek Park isn't far..

It's reassuring to know that these spaces do exist in this city - and aren't astronomically expensive.

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