Tuesday, March 19, 2013

district of chic: scott cooke

Scott Cooke has design in his blood.  His grandfather commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright to design the "Cooke house" in Virginia Beach in 1951, which was to be in the shape of a cycle, with the arc of the cycle facing the property's lake and the arm of the cycle parallel to the property boundary.

Starting his career as a sportswear designer for Oxford Industries in New York (OI owns Lilly Pulitzer and Ben Sherman), Cooke later opened "The Groundskeeper" in Virginia Beach, a landscape design firm.  After finishing his BFA in Interior Design, Cooke worked for Suellen Gregory, Linda Chinn and Justine Sancho.  Quite a wide range of design experts!

All that diversity allows Cooke's design firm to offer an extraordinary number of services - a one-stop-shop for anyone in the District who needs any renovations, garden advice, space planning and interior design.

Cooke's self-described aesthetic is "quiet drama and timeless elegance."  His lower-level dining room rendering for the 2013 DC Design House shows just that.

Cooke's previous work:

images from www.scottcookedesign.com

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