Thursday, March 28, 2013

cherry blossoms

Everyone in DC goes a little crazy during Cherry Blossom season.  There's a festival, a 10 mile race, a parade, parties...

Despite this week's snow (and rumors that we might get more), peak blooms are coming next week: April 3rd through the 6th.  So Districters, keep your eyes peeled!

Love the color and majesty of this beautiful bud and its tree?  Try a little cherry blossom in your home!  (and no, ICDC does NOT recommend stealing a branch or two!  Though she does annually covet the branches that the Willard seems to find for its huge lobby urns..)

Wallpaper is an easy and statement-making addition.  It can be high-end and hand-painted or printed on eco-friendly recycled paper.

Bedding and throw pillows are an even easier addition to your existing decor if you want a little cherry blossom accent each spring.

Or reupholster a bergere in blossom fabric!

Finally, ICDC has always loved Snow & Graham cherry blossom notecards.  Pick up a box for the season!

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