Thursday, February 28, 2013

style spotlight: beautiful botanicals

ICDC planned to give you a post today about living well in small spaces, but after she received and perused the new J. Crew catalog last night, that post was put on hold.

Because J. Crew has created a line called the "Hummingbird Floral," which instantly reminded ICDC of the most beautiful Chinoiserie silk wallcoverings from de Gournay.

J. Crew says that the pattern was inspired by a vintage Time Life botanical book.  Pieces range from the dress above to shorts, a lady-like blouse, pumps with glitter and a breathtaking clutch:

This pattern is gorgeous.  And if ICDC found a bolt of it lying around, she would cover the walls of her bedroom with it so fast your head would spin!

Chinese silk wallcoverings are one of the earliest global luxury products. They were originally created for Ming Dynasty nobility, but by the 18th Century, the wallcoverings  had also been widely adopted by the English and French nobility as the high-water mark of interior design. In France, they were known at the Louis XIV Versailles court as "papiers peints panoramique."  They are handpainted and absolutely a work of art.

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