Monday, February 11, 2013

"stitch witchery"

Dumbfounded.  ICDC is completely dumbfounded. 

Admittedly, ICDC had doubts about the effectiveness of so-called "Stitch Witchery." 

But there's no doubt about it - this bonding tape works.  It's truly magic.  And it takes no time at all.

With painful memories in mind of hours spent wrestling with a sewing machine and fabric (eventually breaking the thing, sorry Mom!) when making curtains for an old apartment, ICDC decided to re-purpose the curtain fabric for a bedskirt. 

The cutting process from curtains into panels was hard enough, and ICDC was tired.  There was no way a bedskirt was going to be sewn by hand anytime in the next decade.  So on a whim, ICDC stopped by her trusty ACE hardware store and picked up a package of Stitch Witchery.

Here goes..

ICDC cut a strip of Stitch Witchery the length of the hem and then proceeded to iron the fabric over the tape.


Then, ICDC sat staring down at the first piece.  Seam finished, in 30 seconds, flat.  Wait, what?

And the first panel up.  It looks good! More confusion.

The finished product.  (Please ignore the un-ironed duvet..)

ICDC could kick herself for spending so many hours sewing what were originally curtains.  Back spasms still remind her of the pain from that weekend so long ago..

Now ICDC can't stop making hems!

You cab pick up a package at your local hardware or home store, or order it here:

Dritz 223 Stitch Witchery Fusible Bonding Web Super Weight-5-8 in. x 1 (Google Affiliate Ad)

A few helpful hints:

1.  Iron the hem area once before using the bonding tape.  That way, you aren't fighting to keep the fabric down while fusing the hem. 

2.  Make sure you set the iron to the "wool" setting.  It's just the right amount of heat - and any hotter will make the fabric and glue steam, which makes the whole area tacky and dries hard.

3.  For projects like pillows, use the bonding tape for seams and then run over the edges with a sewing machine.  It will make the sewing part very easy and ensure that the seam stays put.

images courtesy of ICDC.

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