Thursday, February 7, 2013

dreaming of spring..

Landscape designer and Vogue contributing editor Miranda Brooks, her husband Bastien Halard, and their two daughters Poppy and Violette Grey recently moved from Manhattan to a nineteenth century house in Brooklyn.

Halard, an architect, took charge of renovations in the home while Brooks took on the gardens (roof-top included).  “I wanted to really plant everywhere, so we only had room to walk,” she said.

 From these pictures, one can hardly imagine that the bucolic home is anywhere near New York City, much less within one of its boroughs (the Brooks-Halard home is only two blocks away from the F train in Dumbo).

If gardens like these are possible in Brooklyn, then those of us in the District can create a jungle if we put our minds to it!

The interiors are gorgeous as well - partially furnished with finds from the Marche aux Puces in Paris.


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