Tuesday, February 12, 2013

district of chic: lauren liess

Lauren Liess, of Lauren Liess Interiors and author of the popular Pure Style Home blog, is a refreshing and down-to-earth local phenom.

She opened her design firm in 2007, dedicated to creating "real homes for real people."  Her taste for using earthy colors and an eye for blending statement pieces with elements from nature is unusual but beguiling.

Last year, Liess designed a reading nook in the DC Design House and launched her own line of nature-themed fabrics.

She is also mother to the most adorable brood of little boys, whom she recently moved houses.  The family is now living in the midst of total home reconstruction.  Patience, she must have in abundance.

Liess and her handy husband are the most impressive DIY-ers and chronicle their progress on her blog.  It's an entertaining read - and she has so many ideas.  Liess thinks to antique regular brass door handle parts and will use antique apothecary pulls for the drawers on her reclaimed wood kitchen island.  The woman has vision like ICDC has never seen.

Her former home:

Her room in the Design House:

Check out the piece in the Washington Post's Open House piece on Liess here.

ICDC can't wait to see pictures from the latest home.  Stay tuned!

images from www.thepurestyle.com


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