Monday, February 4, 2013

book review: black & white

For Christmas, ICDC received a copy of Celerie Kemble's Black & White (and a Bit in Between).

What a wonderful surprise it was, because Kemble is one of ICDC's favorite designers.  She creates truly elegant spaces and uses interesting pieces (note the fantastic ottoman and side chair on the cover) in all of her rooms.  Kemble is not boring - but her designs are not so outlandish as to distract you from the beauty of the traditional rooms she creates. 

So it was with glee that ICDC has spent the last month flipping through - and then reading cover to cover - this extraordinarily inspiring book.

Kemble uses this book to return to the basics of design to provide observations and advice to the reader about choosing paint, finishes, pairing prints, textures and how to collect accessories. 

In the introduction, Kemble says "In the Wizard of Oz, after Dorothy falls asleep in black-and-white Kansas and wakes in the multicolor fairyland of Oz, she exults, "We must be over the rainbow!"  In writing this book, I found that same spirit of exultation, from profusion to simplicity - away from the rainbow.  This book invites you to see that this palette can be freeing instead of limiting."

From sections on "harmony in an all white room" to "the power of the silhouette," this book gives sage insight into the professional design process and how to apply such theories to your own interiors. 

Quite simply, the book is elegant and a reference book to keep close at hand.  Kemble even gives tips for cleaning upholstery and leather!

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