Thursday, January 31, 2013

stylish "bug-out" bags

All the Inauguration security in the city over the past few weeks made ICDC think about the state of her own emergency preparedness (which was not spectacular).

So, resolving to create one of those "emergency" kits in the event of another Snowmageddon, "Derecho" or worse, ICDC decided that one doesn't have to sacrifice quality for function.  You can have both.
So, what's in ICDC's bag?

First, let's start with the bag:


It's durable with lots of pockets.  And animal print will make ICDC smile even under duress.

Next, what's inside:

A nice, comfy throw.


A good flashlight.  (don't forget the batteries!)


A little something to wash hands with.

$42 for a set

Toothbrush & toothpaste.







Cork screw.


Plenty of water


First aid kit.


What's in your bag?

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