Friday, January 25, 2013

fashion friday

Paisley - the teardrop or kidney-shaped pattern that originated in Persia (its Western name came from a town in Scotland) - can look like the pattern in Kirsten Dunst's dress, or it can take on variations in color and shape.


How to transform Kirsten's dress into a room?

Try combining a few variations on the same paisley color scheme of black and yellow.  In this bedroom, designer Windsor Smith used a large paisley print throw on the end of a white-sheeted bed with a striped bedskirt.  Then Smith used a smaller, daintier print for the curtain framing the bed and its headboard.  Finally, a variety of paisley prints are used for pillows - to add a sense of authenticity to the room (as if it weren't styled by a professional designer..).

If that's too complicated, try using a black paisley headboard and papering the wall behind it with a yellow pattern as Sara Gilbane did.

Or, you could stick to the basics, by selecting a bright yellow sofa and a plain black paisley wallpaper:

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