Friday, January 4, 2013

fashion friday

Already lamenting the cold, ICDC decided to think warm and dream of the beach today.

And nothing reminds one more of warm breezes than beautiful, tie dye dresses and fabrics.

For naysayers, tie dye is actually a fairly ancient practice, requiring considerable skill.  A method developed sometime around the 8th century, tie dye is said to have originated in Japan and Indonesia and spread over time across Asia and Africa.  

Methods range from "Shibori" - stitching elaborate patterns and tightly gathering the stitching before dying, which form designs for kimonos - to the best-known technique - wrapping fabric around a core of a rope, wood or other material and binding it tightly with string, thread or rubber bands.  The areas of the fabric that are against the core or under the binding remain without dye. 

For those "ikat" and "batik" print lovers (ICDC included), you're celebrating another form of tie dye!

So, how to transform tie dye into a tasteful look for the home?

Cover chairs and pillows in tie dye fabric and mix with white and pastels like robin's egg blue!

images from ICDC files.

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