Tuesday, January 15, 2013

district of chic: vastu

Their motto is "Modern living. Defined and refined."

Vastu - an interior furnishings store on 14th Street and the office of interior designers Eric Kole and Jason Claire - is one of the most accessible and fresh design teams in the District.

Eric studied Economics and Consumer Design at Cornell and Jason has a double major in Design and Art History from Duke University and a Georgetown MBA.  After successful careers in business, both decided their passion was really in design.  The two teamed up in 2002 to create Vastu, named for the Hindu tradition of space design that seeks to promote harmony with natural forces (similar to feng shui).

Their ten top design tips include:

1. Simple solutions (like color, change a space)
2. Fabric first (pick them early)
3. Mixed greens (plants are key)
4. Art matters (make a space intimate)
5. Crack a window (window treatments define a space)
6. Lighten up ("proper lighting can make or break a space")
7. Location, location, location (think about the utility of furniture in a space)
8. When more is more (maximize space)
9. Know when to say when (let design experts help when you need it)
10. Don't go for second best (customize pieces, which doesn't have to cost more)

One look at their portfolio, and you'll understand the appeal:

images from www.vastudc.com

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  1. Good collection, thanks for sharing this one. Keep it up.