Tuesday, January 8, 2013

dc: the district of chic

Our fair District is known as the seat of American power.

For those of us who are creatively minded, it may come as a surprise that behind the scenes, we enjoy a rather large and sophisticated arts culture too.  From theater to art galleries, DC attracts great talent - including many of the country's top interior designers:

Thomas Pheasant
Darryl Carter
Mona Hajj
Barry Dixon
Zoe Feldman
Andrew Law
Lauren Leiss

Jodi Macklin
Patrick Sutton
Paul Corrie
Camille Saum (she is designing the living room this year for DC's Design House)
Jason Claire & Eric Cole of Vastu

Over the next few months, ICDC will endeavor to provide profiles or interviews of our top designers.

Stay tuned!

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