Thursday, January 3, 2013

before & after

ICDC has a number of projects in the works - like the parsons chair.  While that piece isn't quite ready for primetime, a pair of reinvigorated side chairs are.

These solid mahogany beauties suffered from terrible scratches, poor treatment, wobbly legs and dated, dusty fabric seats.

First step: remove chair seats and fabric.

Next step: fix scratches and polish wood.  ICDC prefers a combination of wood filler, lemon oil and Old English.

Finally, using a staple gun, recover the seats in fresh fabric.  Here, ICDC selected a textured faux leather.

Voila!  Two perfectly beautiful, good-as-new chairs.

But ICDC hasn't quite finished yet.  Soon, the chairs will be stained a dark ebony to make the contrast more striking.

But that will have to wait til Spring, when it's much warmer outside!  Stay tuned for the final product.

images courtesy of ICDC.

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