Friday, November 30, 2012

fashion friday

This fashion Friday, ICDC wanted to try something a little bit different.  Instead of showing you an outfit transformed directly into a room, ICDC is changing it up a bit and showing you the rooms of a stylish fashion family – so you can see how they dress and how they design their own living spaces.

Just covered in the December/January issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Patricia Herrera Lansing’s Manhattan home (where sister Carolina Herrera Baez often visits while away from her home in Madrid) is too gorgeous for words.

Patricia and Carolina both say their love of clothes and decor is very much because of their creative mother, Carolina Herrera.  They remember fondly that Carolina would have costume parties throughout their childhood – and the best was in Mustique (sigh!).

Each room in Patricia’s apartment (and in Carolina’s in Madrid, which ICDC can feature next week) is filled with character – from the luscious art to colorful patterned fabrics (featuring TWO leopard styles!) to the most wonderful childrens’ room (can ICDC have a teepee, please?).

But the apartment is also lived in and comfortable – two of the most important considerations to make when decorating a space.

photos by Christopher Sturman

Thursday, November 29, 2012

from the desk of ICDC

Dear ICDC,

Help!  The walls in my new apartment are bare.  I want to find a few pieces of quality art - preferably photographs - but I don't have that much to spend.  While I'm not quite so desperate as to try to create my own art, I've saved about $2000 over the past few years and would love advice on where to spend it. 

Art Collecting Wanna-be

Dear Art Collecting Wanna-be,

Have I got just the gallery for you!  Lumas - with sites in New York, Paris, London, Vienna, Zurich and Berlin - is a surprisingly accessible curator (not just because you can view and purchase pieces online!),  because the price points range from $500-5000 and average between $800 and $1000.  Not chump change, but if it's meaningful photographs you seek, look no further.

ICDC first came across these beautiful, captivating (often large too - so your money goes even farther) highly saturated prints (because they are mounted with aluminum dibond) at the home of a well-known Washington art-collecting couple.

Curious about their origin, ICDC did a little research and finally stopped by the gallery in SoHo last month.

Here are a few of the latest pieces that caught ICDC's eye:



Wednesday, November 28, 2012

ICDC on the street: Jonathan Adler Georgetown

Last evening, ICDC stopped by the new Jonathan Adler store in Georgetown for a book signing with none other than Mr Adler himself.

The store was filled with color, beautiful textures (especially those fantastic needlepoint pillows and burled wood consoles), bits'n'bobs and inspiring quips like:

The furniture and styling was fabulous!  ICDC could have lounged around the store all night:


 ultra chic sheets

sleek shower curtains

 moroccan poufs in all colors

Who knew it was possible to love pottery so much?

peeled banana bud vase

Creative needlepoint pillows and accessories:

backgammon, anyone?

Even the "necessary" parts of the store, like the checkout counter were fabulous:

And a clever trick - faux marbled floor - was something that piqued ICDC's interest.  This was a simple painted PVC-style tile glued down:

Because ICDC readers couldn't join the fun, Mr Adler signed a copy of his book 100 Ways to Happy Chic Your Life for this blog's first GIVEAWAY. 

So, send ICDC an email about what you'd like to read on this blog in the future and ICDC will use a random selection generator to pick the winner.  

Good luck!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

style spotted: geometric patterns

Spotted: a beautiful tile floor in the window of Glover Park's Bistrot Lepic.  The amazing texture of this floor doesn't show through the photograph, so you'll just have to trust ICDC - it's absolutely mesmerizing. 

Geometric patterns are au courant lately, but they certainly aren't new.

The luxury goods market has noticed the trend.  Barney's offers a gorgeous mother-of-pearl box (exorbitantly expensive, but beautiful - if you're interested in this piece, Barney's annual 40% off sale starts soon!):

And Pierre Hardy makes an iphone case:

David Hicks, famous English interior designer of the 60s, 70s and 80s, adored geometric prints.  The patterns he used are still being copied today.

How to get this look?

Try adding throw pillows to your sofa, a comfy chair or your bed.

 $13 at Target, can you believe it?!

$45 on Etsy

If you're creative (and patient!), try painting a floor - Designer Nick Olsen's apartment was featured in Lonny magazine last  year:

See the full piece here.

If you've got a bit more cash to spare, research replacing the geometric tile in your kitchen, bathroom or outdoor space.  Your tile doesn't have to be as ornate and intricate as Bistrot Lepic's (where every piece is individually cut and placed).  There are large, affordable square options too.  If you look closely below, this floor is made up of large 12 inch painted square tiles:

So chic! 

images from Steven Gambrel: Time & Place, and ICDC files.