Wednesday, December 19, 2012

holiday table

Want to make your holiday table special this year?  

Yesterday, ICDC featured Eddie Ross' Christmas decor.  He's full of inspiration for dressing your table too - from colorful to mute.  Eddie's not afraid to put a rug or tartan throw on the table either. 

Take his lead and be creative!  Use interesting pieces from around your home for a new look on your table.

Don't want to muster a full-scale decorating challenge this Christmas but still want a chic table?  Keep it simple!  Pick a color scheme and add a little party favor, which can double as a name card.  A few ideas:

1.  The mini bouquet. Try combining mini calla lilies, holly and drumstick flowers with some greenery from your yard. Simply gather the flowers in your hand and secure with a small hair band and snip the stems to the appropriate length. If you add a floral centerpiece to your table, be sure to repeat some of those same flower varieties from your mini bouquets, so that it all pulls together.  To make the favor into a name card, fasten a ribbon around the small vessel you've chosen and glue a piece of card stock over the center.

2.  The napkin ring. For a special touch, make a napkin ring from ribbon and add in a little holly and an evergreen branch.  Add a place card and you've got instant panache.

3.  The sugared fruit.  Spray gold foil metallic paint on a pear - you can find the paint at any crafts store like Michael's or Utrecht. Write your guests’ names on card stock and cut the card into a leaf shape. A pearl corsage pin from the florist works beautifully for attaching the card to the pear. Finish off your piece by adding a magnolia leaf, a piece of sugared rosemary and a sprig of winter berry.

images from and ICDC files.

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