Thursday, December 13, 2012

from the desk of ICDC

Dear ICDC,

I'm having trouble thinking of a meaningful but inexpensive Christmas gift for my siblings.  I come from a large family and sadly can't afford to buy everyone a fancy present.   Do you have any ideas?

One of Many

Dear One of Many,

One of ICDC's clever friends used old mens' shirts - his late father's, in fact - to make pillows for each member of his family.  He paired patterns with complementary patterns and colors with complementary colors - like a purple herringbone with a blue and purple checked fabric and red and white stripes with blue and white stripes.

Not being a seamstress, he took the fabric to his local dry cleaner who sewed them together quickly and added a zipper.  All he has to do is order pillow inserts and voila - a pillow!

The shirts would have otherwise gone to waste - and now he has a beautiful and sentimental pillow for each member of his family.

You could do the same with old fabric - like a child's blanket - or any piece of fabric like a scarf, a tie, an old suit, corduroy trousers, t-shirts, curtains or even a beautiful napkin.


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  1. Brilliant idea! Bravo, and keep up the good work!