Tuesday, December 18, 2012

design crush: eddie ross

Eddie Ross, a designer who takes care to create the perfect, affordable interiors (he specializes in table settings), is another of ICDC's favorite designers.

A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Eddie began his career working in tv as a food editor for Martha Stewart and later as Associate Design Director for all in-house production at the Food Network. He then founded a catering company, where he continued to refine his skills in decorating and entertaining.  Wanting to transition into interior design, Eddie became Associate Decorating Editor at Martha Stewart, where he produced the popular "Weekend Shopper," a monthly article in which he'd travel to flea markets around the country, finding new ways to use old things. Returning to Martha Stewart as the Senior Style Editor of Living, Eddie honed his skill for producing consistently elegant homes on a budget.  ICDC first discovered Eddie as a contestant on Bravo's Top Design.

Why is he so wonderful?  Besides his creativity (he could turn a hat into a lamp in about ten minutes), Eddie scours flea markets and his local Goodwill for diamonds in the rough - seeking to transform them into things of beauty.  Sounds like a dream..

See an old camel back sofa covered in a fuzzy orange burlap?  No problem!  Eddie turns it into a sleek and sophisticated cream linen piece. 

Find a few random pieces of milk glass at the flea market?  Eddie knows just where to use them on his Thanksgiving table - and how to combine with other beautiful pieces.

ICDC wanted to share his latest work featured in Country Living: Ross' new Connecticut home all dressed for Christmas.  If you click on the pictures or head directly to the CL site, you can see some of his tips for decorating elegantly but cost-effectively.

For more peaks at Eddie's various homes and work, see Lonny magazine's feature, his portfolio and his blog.  ICDC could lose days staring at Eddie's beautifully decorated and styled rooms..

images from Country Living.

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