Friday, November 23, 2012

why don't you...make your own holiday wreath?

Making holiday wreaths is both fun and cost-effective!  You can add your own flair to a wreath - like pheasant feathers, in ICDC's case - that you just couldn't do if you bought the $60 pre-made version at the Christmas tree vendor.

So over Thanksgiving weekend, think about stopping by your local hardware store or garden center (a few options listed here) to pick up a few supplies.

Two bags of greenery (fir, cedar, pine and other assorted greens) at $5 each, wreath wire frame at $4, florist's wire $3 and a few accessories like pine cones ($5), pheasant feathers ($5) and faux berries ($7).  Total cost: $34.

ICDC stopped by Johnson's for her supplies.  They had buckets everywhere with possible wreath accoutrements - from berries of all shapes, sizes and colors to other faux fruits and gold bits and bobs.  And your wreath doesn't have to be could be greenery tinged with white!

How to make the wreath?  It's simple!  Wrap the longest pieces of greenery around the wreath frame and secure with small pieces of wire.  Continue wrapping the greenery around the frame in layers until it starts to look like this:

Once you've got a decent base, it becomes easy to fit in the smaller pieces of greenery into the frame to give the wreath texture.  Next, start adding your accessories (attached with wire to the back of the wreath) and voila!

Use a long strip of wire knotted at the top of your wreath and wrap around a nail or hook on a door or wall - wherever you plan to hang the wreath.  Cover the wire with a piece of ribbon to finish the piece.  

A one-of-a-kind, and a bargain too!

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