Tuesday, November 27, 2012

style spotted: geometric patterns

Spotted: a beautiful tile floor in the window of Glover Park's Bistrot Lepic.  The amazing texture of this floor doesn't show through the photograph, so you'll just have to trust ICDC - it's absolutely mesmerizing. 

Geometric patterns are au courant lately, but they certainly aren't new.

The luxury goods market has noticed the trend.  Barney's offers a gorgeous mother-of-pearl box (exorbitantly expensive, but beautiful - if you're interested in this piece, Barney's annual 40% off sale starts soon!):

And Pierre Hardy makes an iphone case:

David Hicks, famous English interior designer of the 60s, 70s and 80s, adored geometric prints.  The patterns he used are still being copied today.

How to get this look?

Try adding throw pillows to your sofa, a comfy chair or your bed.

 $13 at Target, can you believe it?!

$45 on Etsy

If you're creative (and patient!), try painting a floor - Designer Nick Olsen's apartment was featured in Lonny magazine last  year:

See the full piece here.

If you've got a bit more cash to spare, research replacing the geometric tile in your kitchen, bathroom or outdoor space.  Your tile doesn't have to be as ornate and intricate as Bistrot Lepic's (where every piece is individually cut and placed).  There are large, affordable square options too.  If you look closely below, this floor is made up of large 12 inch painted square tiles:

So chic! 

images from Steven Gambrel: Time & Place, barneys.com and ICDC files.

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