Thursday, November 29, 2012

from the desk of ICDC

Dear ICDC,

Help!  The walls in my new apartment are bare.  I want to find a few pieces of quality art - preferably photographs - but I don't have that much to spend.  While I'm not quite so desperate as to try to create my own art, I've saved about $2000 over the past few years and would love advice on where to spend it. 

Art Collecting Wanna-be

Dear Art Collecting Wanna-be,

Have I got just the gallery for you!  Lumas - with sites in New York, Paris, London, Vienna, Zurich and Berlin - is a surprisingly accessible curator (not just because you can view and purchase pieces online!),  because the price points range from $500-5000 and average between $800 and $1000.  Not chump change, but if it's meaningful photographs you seek, look no further.

ICDC first came across these beautiful, captivating (often large too - so your money goes even farther) highly saturated prints (because they are mounted with aluminum dibond) at the home of a well-known Washington art-collecting couple.

Curious about their origin, ICDC did a little research and finally stopped by the gallery in SoHo last month.

Here are a few of the latest pieces that caught ICDC's eye:



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