Thursday, November 1, 2012

from the desk of ICDC

Dear ICDC,

I want to redecorate my living room, but only have $500 to spend.  How should I use my budget?  I prefer a mid-century/modern style and right now I'm stuck with hand-me-down furniture from my family.  Help!

Girl with Style

Dear Girl with Style,

That's certainly a challenge!  Never fear, there are many things to do with that $500. 

First, identify if there are any key features in your apartment.  Is there a fireplace with a a mantel?  A huge bay window?  Perhaps there is elegant molding on the walls?

Next, thinking about those key features you're already lucky enough to have, start searching for pieces that work well in the room.  If your space has a fireplace, do you want a sectional sofa so that you and friends can gather around it?  If you've got a bay window, why don't you find the most stylish and comfortable chair to place on display in that area?  Find architectural photographs to play up the elegant dentil molding on your walls!

Keeping these elements and the size of your space in mind, use your limited budget to find a few basics: a sofa, a good chair, lamps, a coffee table, a side table/bar and a rug.  When you've got more funds available, you can add art, accents, curtains or shades and additional furniture.

Depending on your space, why don't you consider these pieces:

sofa $50
chair $150
coffee table $50
pair of lamps $65
bar cart $40
rug $80

That still leaves $65, which you can use to purchase 2 cans of high gloss paint - perhaps in a gray or red shade for this room - and a set of throw pillows (try Etsy).  Even if you don't have art (think about buying a canvas to make your own,  sketching something from nature or printing extra-large photographs of images that you love), paint goes a long way to making a room feel cohesive.

So here's what we've got:

Hope that helps!


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