Friday, November 2, 2012

fashion friday

How to transform Rosie Huntington Whiteley's outfit into a room?

First, try a chevron rug.  They're are all the rage, and fairly easy to find: Craigslist, Urban Outfitters and Overstock.  

Next, add in elements of red or shades of pink - like the bench and headboard pictured above.  When decorating a bedroom, consider using calming, pale colors rather than primaries.  (It's OK to stray a bit from whatever fashion look you're trying to imitate!)

Third, add an element of texture like Rosie's jacket.  This room uses a fur throw.

Finally, use framed art in neutral tan and gold tones to tie the color theme together.  Add a splash of light blue - or any other coordinating color - just as you would add a colorful bangle, ring or earrings to Rosie's outfit before walking out the door.

images from and ICDC files.

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