Tuesday, November 13, 2012

style scout: biscuit home goods

Biscuit Home Goods is the brainchild of fellow blogger, Bailey McCarthy (Peppermint Bliss).

Bailey and her partners' mission was to design and offer quality bedding at affordable prices.  Shocked - like so many of us - at the exorbitant linen prices at fine purveyors like D. Porthault, Bailey decided that someone needed to offer chic but cost-effective linens.  So she opened a store and added a few pieces of furniture and jewelry to diversify it.

The storefront is in Houston, but the website sells all Biscuit's goods online.  Hooray for those of us who don't live in Texas!

These pieces are chic because they challenge traditional norms.  Bicycles and paint-splatters, ICDC wants them all!

The best part?  Made in the USA: Bailey sources her linens from North Carolina.

It's success stories like these that give ICDC inspiration to press on with her own line..

images from biscuit-home.com and peppermintbliss.com

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