Tuesday, October 9, 2012

why don't you..bring the outdoors in?

ICDC took a walk in Rock Creek Park yesterday and nature sparked a little inspiration.

Why don't you add a touch of the outdoors to your home?  A bit of wallpaper (get a remnant if you can't afford wallpaper and frame as a piece of art), some fabric - even a terrarium or unusual houseplant.  Here are a few ideas.

Cole & Sons produces fantastic wallpaper:

Harlequin wallpaper:

Hinson's banana leaf wallpaper:

Lauren Leiss of Pure Style Home, a truly inspiring (and local!) design firm sells fabrics with an outdoor theme:


Lush-colored fabrics, prints and terrariums also bring in a sense of the outdoors: 


stay tuned for an upcoming post on selecting and maintaining indoor plants!

images from ICDC files, cole and sons, purestylehome.blogspot.com and marthastewart.com.

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