Friday, October 12, 2012

slipcover magic

Sometimes, even ICDC is fooled by a good slipcover. 

These sofas, chairs and ottomans are ALL slipcovered!  Some you could easily guess, but I'm sure for some, you had to look twice!

Custom slipcovering is an easy, relatively quick and much less expensive way to refurbish a sofa or just change the style of a piece.  They don't have to LOOK like slipcovers, those horrible things from big box stores:

ick! bad slipcover on a bad chair..

In the DC area, we are lucky to have a few excellent slipcover artisans. 

Urban Castle
Paul & Nicole at UC will come to your home to measure your piece and then deliver it and fit it.  Amazing service and excellent work.  ICDC's favorite.  They make custom pillows and upholstery too.

Calico Corners
(sale ongoing! save 10% when you spend $250, 15% when you spend up to $1000)
Rockville - 1598 Rockville Pike 
Arlington - 6400 Williamsburg Blvd.

Living Social is offering a half-off deal for G Street Fabrics:

pictures from ICDC files, and

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