Friday, October 26, 2012

fashion friday

Interior decor is really fashion for your home.  How to transform this look into a room?

Just as LeeLee Sobieski uses red as the anchor for this outfit, you can use red as an anchor for a living room: in major pieces such as the sofa, chairs and ottoman.  Bring in gold and taupe accents with lighting, rugs and art.

Also try to find distinct pieces like this red and gold chinoiserie secretary, featured in an Ann Getty room.

Or use a red tablecloth, a fireplace screen, and a beautiful a flower arrangement with red and shades of dark yellow for a dining room.

How can you transform this look into a room?  Don't start from scratch!  Use pieces you've already got and supplement with paint or splashes of color.  Just like shopping your closet!

Do you have an outfit you love and want help transforming into a room?  Send a picture to ICDC and we'll feature it!

images from, and ICDC files.

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