Thursday, October 11, 2012

before & after: kitchen

Many have requested a series of before and afters.  So, we'll start with ICDC's apartment in Northwest that at one time suffered from a dated (circa 1970s) kitchen.


the clutter makes me shudder! looks like this

new floor
Home Depot sells tiles that fit together like a puzzle!  So easy.

 new wine fridge & bar, replacing poorly positioned countertop

A few simple changes - paint, new floor, new appliances, new handles, a little DIY demo - updated this tired kitchen dramatically.  And all changes were tackled over a few weekends.

A little trick of the trade: in DC, appliance delivery can be a hassle.  So make sure you ask the salesman (or call the company if you're ordering online) what will be required for delivery to your area.  You need permits for some appliances (especially if you live in an apartment building), which requires an extra visit to your appliance store.  You also need to make sure you have the appropriate outlets (and enough of them!) for your new appliances.  ICDC had to have an electrician come out an install an extra outlet for the new microwave - there just weren't enough to go around!

Have you updated your kitchen and want to share the progress?  Do you want to update your kitchen, but need ideas?  Email ICDC today!

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