Tuesday, October 16, 2012

before & after: nate berkus

Nate Berkus is a well-renowned interior designer.  His philosophy is very similar to ICDC's: to decorate a home with things you love, reusing and reinvigorating what you've already got.  Berkus believes that without expressing yourself in the place where you live, you risk creating a cold, artificial space. 

In his new Manhattan apartment, recently covered by Architectural Digest, Berkus wanted to show how easy it is to transform a dated apartment into one with masses of style and warmth - without spending a fortune. 

Berkus used furniture he already owned, found creative ways to cover idiosyncracies of an older apartment building (i.e. terribly low windows in his bedroom - you'd never know seeing them after his handywork, though!) and made only minor, affordable modifications to his kitchen.

Living room before..

Living room after..

Berkus separated the living room from the kitchen by adding a window for structural interest and brought in industrial bookshelves to give the room symmetry.  He reclaimed a marble fireplace.  Even the Madeleine Weinrib rug is recycled!

Kitchen before..

Kitchen after..

Note the "save" signs!  Berkus painted the cabinets, left the sink hardware, changed out appliances, added a chic antique marble-topped table as an island and changed the backsplash.

 Powder room before..

Powder room after..

Now ICDC has always loved Nate Berkus.  But upon seeing his use of MALACHITE wallpaper, a fainting spell nearly occured.  It's fabulous!

Bedroom before..

Bedroom after..

Notice how Berkus disguised the strangely low windows in his bedroom?  He simply hung the curtains near the top of the ceiling, as if that's as high as the windows reached.  Then he added a bamboo shade for texture and to hide the wall!  Brilliant.

Guest bedroom before & after..

Here, Berkus added a window just like the one separating the kitchen from the living room.  It allows light from the skylight in the bedroom to flow through the window and down the stairs (just outside the door).

Berkus is taking the design world by storm - and making it affordable for you!  Check out his new line for Target (soon to include amazing faux lacquered tortoise shells and glamourous vases) and his long-standing one with the Home Shopping Network (the love seats on offer are PERFECT and affordable for small apartments!).  He is also releasing his first book: The Things That Matter.  ICDC hasn't gotten her hot little hands on a copy yet, but hears wonderful things about how beautiful and yet down to earth it is. 

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