Wednesday, September 26, 2012

why don't you.."chic-it-yourself"?

After ICDC's fantastic finds at the Georgetown flea market this weekend, we're inspired to dabble in a little "chic-it-yourself." 

Once Craigslist & flea market finds..
 totally new and stylish pieces!
Imagine the possibility of this tired bamboo buffet, lacquered in high-gloss red:

 (we found it on Craigslist DC for a song - $100)

Which could look a little like this white version:
Or this gray version:


Got a few old side tables stashed in storage?  Paint them up with an orange chevron pattern!

What to do with a dated dresser?

Paint it!  And pair with a damask wallpaper:

You could even try the faux malachite technique:


ICDC will be on the look-out for the perfect "ciy" piece and feature it in upcoming weeks.  Stay tuned!

images from Craigslist DC and ICDC files.

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