Saturday, September 22, 2012

why don't you..add a shot of color?

Oh, the things you can do with paint and tape..

Need a quick cure for a boring wall?  Try stripes!  Or a geometric pattern!

Add a high-gloss accent wall, a new color for the living room, or even better - tackle that dull floor.

Two key tips for using that notorious blue painters' tape:

1.  Pay close attention to the surface level:  In older houses, walls are often uneven and painters' tape doesn't always adhere as closely as you need it to. 

2.  After taping your design, run a small bead of latex caulk over the edge where two colors will meet. Wipe down the caulk until you have a very thin layer on the wall.  Peel off the tape and paint up to the line of caulk.  When the paint is fully dry, peel off the caulk.  Voila!

Best spots in DC to get bargain paint and supplies:

Ace Hardware, Glover Park (Ace has a great customer rewards program!)
2251 Wisconsin Avenue NW
M-F 8am to 8pm
Sat. 9am to 8pm
Sun. 10am to 6pm

TrueValue Hardware, Dupont Circle (Check out their $5 online coupon!)
1623 17th Street NW
M-F 8am to 7:30pm
Sat. 9am to 6pm
Sun. 10am to 6pm

Utrecht Art Supply (Huge sale on brushes - great for those detailed jobs - going on now!)
1250 I Street NW
M-F 9am to 8pm
Sat. 10am to 6pm
Sun. 12pm to 5pm

images from Elle Decor, Domino and ICDC's files.

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