Sunday, September 23, 2012

fleas, please!

This morning, ICDC found a treasure-trove of furniture, art, and objets at the Georgetown Flea Market (1819 35th Street NW, at the Hardy Middle School).

First, art:

 a variety of oils for $50 and under

 beautiful asian prints for $25 each

a pair of hunt scenes in unusual frames for $50

 a painted sign from an old lumber company for $60

Second, furniture:

a beautiful Windsor-style reproduction chair for $80

a chaivari chair for $60

beautiful tufted-back leather side chair for $50

 comfy, well-built sofa for $150 
easy to slipcover if you're not a fan of cream!

a Chippendale-style cabinet or bookcase for $350

 the most expensive find of the day: a 1940s Chinese console for $500

Third, les objets:

a real tortoiseshell box - no plastic here! - for $100
complete silver martini set, with tray for $60

an endless amount of silver flatware, ranging from $3 to $10 a piece

a silver-plated ice bucket for $40

a knight statue for $75

a winged angel brass ornament for $120

and a pair of modern lamps for $100.
ICDC's bestie, Nissar (aka the "rug man"), was at his usual spot in the market today.  He was excited to hear about the new blog and even allowed ICDC to take a "portrait" to share with its dear readers:

Nissar is an Afghani transplant to DC.  He often talks politics with ICDC as we bargain over kilims and discuss cleaning techniques.  Karzai is not our favorite!  If you're searching for a rug of any sort, he's the best source in Washington - and the best price.  Email ICDC for his contact information.

Now, let's build a few rooms with our finds.  There are pieces to fit all styles!




ICDC haunts area flea markets, so if there's something for which you're on the look-out, send an email!

all images courtesy of ICDC.

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