Thursday, September 20, 2012

animal prints: the new black?

Are animal prints the new black?

Using animal prints as accents - especially pillows, chairs, rugs and trims - can help coordinate and in some cases, anchor, a space.

From leopard to antelope and any lizard in between, these patterns come from the wild and thus naturally blend with all colors.

If mixed tastefully (no Snooki designs allowed here!), these prints add a zap of pizazz that can amp up stripes, toile, and even the dullest chintz.

Spots just mix so well, don't you think?

where to find animal prints in DC:

A Mano

Christ Child Opportunity Shop
Dalton Pratt

Georgetown Flea Market (Sundays)

Miss Pixie's (they're newly opened after renovations!)

The Urban Attic
125 South Union Street, Old Town Alexandria

Area Estate Sales:[360]&NEWSRCHCAT=gme

looking for something specific?  let ICDC help!  send an email to

images from House Beautiful and ICDC's files.

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