Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 color of the year

In the new year, we have more to celebrate than just the marking of time.  Pantone, the world's renowned authority on color and provider of technology for the selection and accurate communication of color, has determined that the color of the year will be emerald.

ICDC couldn't be more pleased - especially because of her affinity for malachite patterns!

Why is Pantone important?  It means that colors can be standardized across industries - from designer to manufacturer to retailer to customer.  Can you imagine, for example, how many shades of green many people might consider to be emerald?  Without Pantone, one could think one was ordering emerald paint only to be shocked upon delivery that what you've actually ordered is a much lighter kelly green!

In 1963, Lawrence Herbert, Pantone's founder, created an innovative system of identifying, matching and communicating colors to solve the problems associated with producing accurate color matches in the graphic arts community.

His insight that the spectrum is seen and interpreted differently by each individual led to the innovation of the Pantone "Matching System," a book of standardized color in fan format.

Since then, Pantone has expanded its color matching system concept to other color-critical industries, including digital technology, textiles, plastics, architecture and contract interiors, and paint. Pantone continues to develop color communication tools for a variety of industries and aggressively adopt new digital technology to address the color needs of design and production professionals.

ICDC can't wait for all the wonderful emerald designs to come this year!

images from, and ICDC files.

Friday, December 28, 2012

fashion friday

Sequins are a necessary part of any New Years Eve ensemble.  They are mesmerizing and oh-so-chic.


 How to incorporate sequins and other shiny pieces tastefully into a room?

Try sequin pillows!

Or a chandelier.

Or a tablecloth.

images from and ICDC files.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

silver and sparkles

Now that Christmas is behind us, and the reds, greens and tartans of the season are slowly being packed away, ICDC thought it might be nice to focus on glamorous colors like silver and textures that sparkle as we bring in the new year.


images from ICDC files